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We are a group of experienced , dedicated and passoionate mediators
who are committed to resolving conflict wherever it is found and providing
tools and training to help our clients move forward in life

30 Years Of Experience Improving Lives

Turning Points is a company designed to improve people’s lives by supporting them to deal with unresolved conflicts that negatively impact their overall wellbeing, through the provision of conflict mediation and conflict coaching services

Turning Points was created to increase accessibility to conflict mediation and conflict coaching services, as an alternative to the court system, which is financially and emotionally taxing.

The founder, Maritza Sanchez, has over thirty years of experience in the helping profession and ten years of experience in an Executive Director role, in which she gained tremendous insight about the nature of conflicts and the positive outcomes derived from confronting and dealing with conflicts.

In addition to the hands-on experience that Maritza has accumulated over the years, she has undertaken comprehensive conflict mediation training, Maritza is a full member of ADR  and the St Stephens conflict mediation program, the two most recognized mediation bodies for certification and training in Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives by transforming conflict

Our Team

Turning Point’s mediators are certified, well-trained professionals from a variety of backgrounds, who understand diverse life experiences. 

Team Leader

Maritza Sanchez

Maritza has worked in the helping profession since 1987. Her tenor as a social worker includes providing direct services in the mental health field and for the past 12 years working in the Executive Director role at a non-profit organization.

Maritza’s work experience has provided her with tremendous insight into the factors that contribute to compassionate fatigue and burnout and its impact on organizational health and service delivery. Her training in mindfulness practice coupled with training and hands-on experience in conflict mediation formulates her belief that building capacity and increasing confidence in people’s ability to handle and resolve workplace conflicts will directly decrease compassion fatigue and burn out.

Maritza is dedicated and passionate about helping people to acquire insight and skills that contribute to organizational health.


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