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Family Mediation Services

We understand that often the most passionate disagreements and disputes can arise with those we love the most. Our mediators have the experience to help guide a dispute to a resolution with a results-driven approach.  Don’t allow a dispute to become embittered and entrenched within your family, let us help resolve conflict and nurture a resolution that allows all parties to be heard and move forward to a better relationship

The Average cost of a contested divorce in Canada is $ 15, 540.00

Mediation saves you money

Meditation has proven to be timely and cost-effective.Engaging in mediation can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs. 

Why mediation is the right choice

Resolving conflict and disputes help maintain better relationships and allow everyone to move forward with their lives

We can make a diffenrence

Co-parenting through conflict is difficult. Mediation
can reduce the stress of a long and bitter court battle
with better and more certian outcomes for both participants and their children.

Divorce Mediation & Child Custody Agreements.

Let’s Focus On Results.

Save thousands in legal fees and create outcomes that are right for your family

Turning Points provides a very effective and solution based mediation and counselling service to help our clients find common ground as a starting point to dispute resolution.  We have trained divorce and child relation mediators who understand how help overcome the emotional pain that often accompanies separation and child custody disputes.

We provide a  safe environment, information and experienced couples and childcare dispute resolution services. It is essential to work through disagreements and find common ground to establish an agreement moving forward especially where children, property and family pets are involved.  The legal and emotional costs of court and litigation in regards to your conflict can be extreme and the outcome is often unsure.  Mediation may be the right choice to help resolve issues of separation and divorce and move forward with an agreement. we can help

Alternative Divorce Mediation Services

We are here to provide effective and non – judgemental mediation services

Shared Parenting Agreements

Coming together to mediate a shared parenting agreement helps couples define expectations and make firm committments to the care and parenting  of a child.

Post-Divorce Modifications

We are often faced with changing and unforeseen circumstances  about negotiated agreemetns. Loss of work, Sudden Wealth or Medical issues can  precipitate the need to modify an existing agreement.

Marriage Reconcillation

For couples considering a marriage or relationship reconciliation, often benefit greatly from sitting down and having a mediated discussion and making sure both partied are truly heard .

Elder Care

Affordable private and family group mediations for Elder Care transitions

Our family mediation service designed to support those who are transitioning in life and their families. Mediation can help reduce stress and help solidify and repair relationships within the family. Elders and their adult children need a voice and neutral third party to help guide resolve many difficult issues facing elders and their transition into healthcare facilities or assisted living.

We help mediate conflicts that arise involving:

 Choosing A Power Of Attorney –  Living Wills – Facilities Living

  • Mental or Physical debilitation
  • Medical Decisions and Assisted Living
  • Long Term Care or Conflicts with Management or Staff
  • Financial Planning and Inheritance
  • Family Business  ownership changes
  • Sale of Family Home/ High-Value Assets

Family Business & Financial Planning

Many family conflicts can often begin in situations where a member of the family feels they are not being heard or being taken advantage of. We offer neutral mediation to help resolve disputes before they harm family relationships or arrive before the courts.

Types of mediation would be:

  • Inheritance Challenges & Disputes
  • Change of Family Business Ownership
  • New Partnership Agreements
  • Inappropriate Behaviour or Mishandling of Funds
  • Financial Planning For Elder Care
  • Estate Dissolution or Sale of business

End Of Life Planning


A well-lived life deserves to end with dignity surrounded by love


If you or a loved one is currently considering a plan for final transition, then Turning Points can help. We understand that end of life planning can be extremely difficult for everyone involved no matter what stage you currently find yourself or a loved one may be experiencing.

We can provide group and individual mediation to help organize and implement your wishes and compile a formal document or agreement.

Power of attorney, Medical Proxy, Assisted Living, Remains, Funeral Instructions and Inheritance issues are among the most common that arise during end of life planning.

Please contact Turning Points, and we can discuss with you how we can be of assistance in providing family mediation.


Peace is not the absence of conflict but the presence of creative alternatives for responding to conflict — alternatives to passive or aggressive responses, alternatives to violence.” ― Dorothy Thompson

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