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Conflict Coaching

Workshops & Events

Turning Points deliver workshops and team building events designed to enhance working relationships and team cohesiveness.

Group Training

 Training specifically designed to teach employees strategies to effectively manage conflict in the workplace.

Individual Coaching

 One-on one coaching for employees that may not be performing at their best due to unresolved conflict.

Follow-Up Sessions

 Follow -up sessions to monitor implementation of conflict management strategies.

Turning Points

Welcomes You To Our Conflict  Coaching

Conflict coaching is a service that provides you with strategies to support your ability to engage in, manage, and productively resolve the conflict.  In this process, the conflict mediator works one-on-one with the person experiencing conflict.

Conflict coaching enables the person to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party, consider options for managing the conflict, and design an approach and a plan of action to deal with the conflict.

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, divorce and post-decree situations, community disputes, family disagreements, or business conflicts. The conflict mediator can also help you rehearse a conversation so that you are prepared to enter more confidentiality into the conflict resolution discussion.


Individual & Group Conflict Coaching

Turning Points’ Individual and group coaching sessions are designed to meet the specific requirements and circumstances surrounding a conflict.

Our mediators will meet with all the  appropriate parties to identify the process and strategies that will best fit the culture of the workplace or group.

Follow up sessions will be scheduled at the onset to achieve the best outcomes.


Workshops & Events

Would your organization like to have us host a workshop or event for your employees or clients? 

Turning Points offers unique conflict coaching workshops designed to help gain hands-on experience in how to manage conflicts and disputes.

Our workshops and trainings are very popular and can have a positive impact for everyone involved. Having the tools to addresss and resolve disputes an conflicts as they arise is an invaluable skill in todays workplace as well as in life. 

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Give your Staff the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to meet tough workplace challenges head-on. We will help you choose the appropriate training for your organization and tailor it to address specific goals and needs.

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