Civil & Comunity Mediations

We can help with your restorative or court-mandated dispute resolutions

landlord -Tenant Disputes

We help relsolve disputes before reaching the tribunal

Court Mandated Mediation

 We provide Court mandated and resotrative justice mediations

Neighbour Disputes

Mediate conflicts before they escalate & harm relationships

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Civil & Court Mandated mediation

The normal practice of mediation and conflict resolution is the voluntary nature of the process.  the Courts, however, have been mandating mediation in cases they feel would offer great benefit and a potential low cost and quick resolution to the conflict or dispute at hand. 

The most common types or Court Mandated Mediations

  • Cases in which both parties will be in continuous contact with each other
  • Where the costs of litigation would exceed the awarded judgement or damages incured
  • First Offence or  Simple restitution cases
  • Landlord and Tenancy disputes
  • Common Living Area & Harassment Claims 
  • Cases that could be resolved without the need of judicial determinations

Turning Points Offers Comprehensive Experienced Landlord -Tenant Dispute Mediators. Our Team Helps Resolve Disputes Before Reaching The Courts.

landlord & Tenant Disputes

Efective and proven conflict and dispute resolutions


Reduce uncertainty, expensive legal fees and have a fair and impartial opportunity to address your concerns and be heard


Mediation can help save you time , court and legal costs and helps to maintain relationships and continued occupancy of properties


Proven Results

Mediation is very effective and in many cases is becoming mandated by the courts in order to resolve disputes

Turning points is an experienced in landlord-tenant dispute resolution and understands that findig a resolution and having both parties come to the table in good faith can help resolve conflicts before they reach the courts, Saving all parties costs and time and ensuring a more equitable outcome whenever possible.

Restorative Justice Mediation Gives Victims A Voice In The Justice Process & Enables Offenders To Understand The Impact Of Their Actions

Restorative Justice

empowers victims and provides an opportunity to begin the healing process;!

Restorative Justice:

Turning Points provides Restorative Justice Mediation to help those who have been victims of crime or negligence.  Restorative Justice empowers our clients to question and help offenders understand the full impact of their actions and provides an opportunity to begin the healing process.

Restorative Justice is very effective and rapidly becoming a top mediation request. Proffessional mediation helps break the cycle of crime by over 90% in juvinile defenders and focuses on recognition and amends to harm done and not vengance or retribution.

which holds offenders accountable, and empowers and heals victims and communities.” offenders to accept responsibility for their actions, express remorse and be willing to perform some acts to repair the harm;

Focuses on harms done to victims, communities and relationships rather than on punishment, vengeance and retribution;

All parties are treated with Dignity & Respct


  • Empowers victims of crime
  • Restore a sense of community
  • Decrease rates of recidivism
  • Increase public awareness through outreach and education

We’ve all been there

Turning Points can help empower you to resolve neighbour related disputes

Community & Neighbour Disputes

Civil Matters – Boundry Disputes – Proffessional  Negligence

Neighbour disputes have always been a part of community life. Whether you are concerned with excessive noise, property encroachment or verbal & physical harassment

Turning Points can provide safe and non-judgemental mediation to reduce conflict and find common ground to reach a resolution all parties can agree with.  Agreements can be binding and updated as circumstances or needs change.

Engage in mediation before local community or neighbour conflicts become overwhelming and save thousands of dollars in court and legal fees.

Turning Points has experienced and effective mediators who can help.

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